Welcome to Rockville Rock Festival is Just a Few Short Weeks Away

We’re only a few weeks away from Florida’s biggest rock festival, which begins May 3rd and 5th at the Metropolitan Park in Jacksonville, Florida. Welcome to Rockville, the mega three-day rock and roll festival that continues to bring together some of the biggest rock names in North Florida for a weekend of thousands of rock fans each year.

Welcome To Rockville Tickets

If you have been to Welcome to Rockville before, you know that what you are going to live is what brings you back year after year. From images, sounds and smells to Mosh’s surfing fans and menacing wells, Rockville’s regular rocking bands know how to energize audiences and maintain the atmosphere throughout the weekend. If you attend the three days of this music festival, be sure to ask the boss to leave Monday free to recover from a hard rock weekend and even more difficult parties.

Danny Wimmer Presents, who is firmly committed to bringing the best names to rock, is the music festival production and promotion company that has gained a lot of popularity since the first Welcome to Rockville event, held in 2011. The festival music continues to sell the event each year. to a dedicated fan base that now expects to receive the best formations of rock bands on tour. Danny Wimmer, originally from Jacksonville, began his career on the local music scene by opening the Jacksonville Music Center, The Milk Bar. His deep commitment to keeping rock music alive has been forged by working with emerging bands from the beginning. which led to a career as a musical director and ultimately to the promotion of business concerts. Danny Wimmer Presents has continued to develop new markets that will satisfy the thirst of traditional rock and roll bands in a music festival.

Welcome To Rockville 2019 Lineup

The 2019 edition of Welcome to Rockville is no surprise with its range of rock bands. Korn, Rob Zombie and Tool are the main artists with a ton of bands able to direct any other festival, such as Judas Priest, Evanescence, Chevelle, Shinedown, Incubus, Bring Me the Horizon, all scheduled to perform on stage .

Fans will also be thrilled to learn that Judas Priest, heavy metal legend, will debut at Rockville when they join the news this Saturday. The cult, Flogging Molly, Papa Roach, Tom Morello, The Struts and many more will feature in this multi-day event.

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